You don’t join, you just join in!

Our Aims and Objectives

To work with, and under the guidance of, our football club to build a social club for our fans with enjoyable activities, bringing the club and its fans even closer together whilst supporting the club’s charity the Community Sports Foundation and other local organisations.

We aim to organise a minimum of 6 events throughout the season. You can see details & photos from previous events here.

Code of Conduct

As the name suggests, our club is open to everyone who is a fan of Norwich City Football Club whether you are a season ticket holder, a member, someone who attends the occasional home or away game or a faraway fan who listens via canaries.co.uk in the middle of the night!

Our club is run by a team of volunteers, with generous support from the football club in terms of, for example, venues and advice. It is non-political and is not a vehicle for campaigning on football-related issues. It is independent of other supporters’ groups.

Our volunteers may attend consultation meetings with the football club but they always do so in a personal capacity and not as a representative of the social club. The social club has no members for volunteers to represent.

Everyone who attends social club events is asked to respect the club’s aims and participate in such a way as to safeguard the safety and wellbeing of all other participants. In order to create a relaxed atmosphere during our forums, audience members are asked not to take photographs, live tweet or take notes without the express permission of the Norwich City Fans Social Club.


Our social club is run by a team of volunteers, you can find out all about them here.

Occasionally we need to recruit new volunteers who can strengthen our group through bringing specialist skills and experiences to it.  When this arises we will advertise that positions are available via our website and/or our social media channels.

Our Values

LOYALTY Loyalty is crucial and is about being loyal to each other and NCFSC. Loyalty to the cause means you are proud for what it stands for and will strive to make it function as well as possible.

CONFIDENTIALITY is essential because of the sensitive club issues we discuss. We will endeavour to maintain confidentiality and respect the wishes of NCFSC and NCFC to that end.

INITIATIVE entails volunteers being able to develop new ideas to ensure that events continually evolve for the better.

COMMITMENT is crucial and entails attending meetings, contributing to and attending events and also helping between events in ensuring that NCFSC goes from strength to strength.

TEAMWORK is about ALL volunteers working together and supporting each other in order that the values of NCFSC are upheld.

COMMUNICATION. It is vital that volunteers stay in contact with each other and respond to communications as soon as is reasonably possible.Communication also entails sharing what we are doing to the wider audience when appropriate to do so, particularly, but not exclusively, through social media.

“We are passionate about bringing fans together and raising money for the Community Sports Foundation, a great charity which makes such a difference to so many people.”

Diane Blazier, Founder

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