Duncan’s Club: bringing joy and support to people with dementia in Norfolk

It was an emotional and inspiring morning at Duncan’s Club, a new support programme for people with dementia located at The Nest in Horsford.

Two dedicated volunteers from Norwich City Fans Social Club, Sarah and Diane, visited the club to present a wooden art plaque of Duncan Forbes, the football club’s former captain, kindly donated by Grain Inspirations.

Duncan’s Club is a 90-minute session that takes place every Thursday morning and provides support for individuals with dementia in Norfolk. Over 12,000 people in the area are living with dementia, and regular support is limited, with most groups meeting only every 2-3 weeks. This makes Duncan’s Club a vital resource for individuals and families affected by dementia in the area.

The Community Sports Foundation’s club provides a fun and supportive environment, with activities like mild exercise, games, and singing that have been proven to slow the shrinkage of the part of the brain responsible for memory. Participants and their families have the opportunity to connect with others and build relationships, helping to relieve the stress and isolation that can come with dementia.

Sarah and Diane were touched by the tremendous work being done at Duncan’s Club and the positive impact it is having on the lives of individuals with dementia and their families. Diane shared that she can’t speak highly enough of the programme and emphasised the reasons behind her passion for fundraising for the Community Sports Foundation.

“I cant speak too highly of this programme,” Diane Blazier said. “I really enjoyed joining in, so many smiles, singing, played games. If you ever wonder why we are so passionate about fundraising for the CSF, this is one of many 100s of reasons.”

Duncan’s Club is a testament to the dedication of the Community Sports Foundation to making a positive impact on the community. The football club is proud to support this important initiative, which provides much-needed support for individuals and families affected by dementia. If you’re looking to get involved and support your community, consider supporting Duncan’s Club and the valuable work it does.

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