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Quiz standings


Here are the final scores and standings of all the quiz teams:


Joint 1st NCFC Staff 86 Winners on the tie break
Joint 1st FC Carpet 86  
3rd One of Us is a Scummer 85  
Joint 4th Let's Get Quizzical 84  
Joint 4th The Misfits 84  
Joint 4th The One Fingered Typists 84  
Joint 7th AlongCameNorwich 83  
Joint 7th Mensa Pups 83  
9th On the Ball Clangers 82  
Joint 10th Foxy's Specialist Garage 80  
Joint 10th Proud Canaries 80  
Joint 12th Pinkun Allstars 79  
Joint 12th The Little Yellow Bird Project 79  
14th Forces2Canaries 78  
15th Let's Clone Wes 77  
16th Jamsorts and the Archive Troll 76  
17th FHC Training 75  
18th NCFC Media 74  
Joint 19th CSF 73  
Joint 19th Langley Prep School 73  
21st Canary Faithfuls 72  
Joint 22nd 3 out of 6 Canaries 71  
Joint 22nd Boswells 71  
Joint 24th Canaries Trust 70  
Joint 24th Quiz on My Face 70  
Joint 24th The HACs 70  
27th The Ipswich 3 Stars 69  
Joint 28th 100% Yellows 67  
Joint 28th Universally Challenged 67  
30th The Grays 65  
31st We Like League 1 Anyway 62  
32nd 5 Canaries and a Wood 61  
33rd 5 Apples and a Tart 55  
34th Tequila Mockingbird 49  
35th Quiztoph Quiztopherson 40  

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