Falling in love with the team: a Norwich City fan’s passionate reflection

Craig Bailey, volunteer for Norwich City Fans Social Club, has an article published in the Pink Un today about the joy of supporting your local team and the importance of creating a connection between fans and the club.

According to Bailey, it is estimated that only around a quarter of people support their local team and it is becoming more common for fans to follow a player instead of a club.

However, Bailey argues that the joy of watching live football locally and forming a bond with your team should not be understated and can also be fantastic for family time.

He highlights the club’s amazing junior supporters program, the Community Sports Foundation soccer schools, and in particular, the NCFSC Family Fun Day as ways to forge a connection with the club and have a fun time with the family. This last event will next be held this Sunday from 2pm to 6pm at The Nest and promises to be a fun summer gala for all the family with activities, games, and a barbeque.

Craig invites everyone to come and join in the festivities.

Read Craig Bailey’s article in the Pink Un here:

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