Norwich City Fans Social Club raises £50,000 for Community Sports Foundation

In a heartwarming celebration of community spirit and dedication, the Norwich City Fans Social Club reached a monumental milestone by raising an astounding £50,000 for the Community Sports Foundation.

The remarkable achievement was commemorated at the Players Fans’ Forum held at Carrow Road on Tuesday, August 22nd. The event saw the presence of Norwich City players Angus Gunn, Jack Stacey, and Jonathan Rowe, event host Darren Eadie, as well as Norwich City Executive Director Zoe Webber.

A highlight of the celebration was a touching video presentation featuring several key figures expressing their gratitude:

Jake Humphrey, trustee of the Community Sports Foundation, exclaimed, “Wow, £50,000 raised by the Norwich City Fans Social Club for the Community Sports Foundation. That is incredible – £50,000. And we just wanted to say a huge thank you for reaching that remarkable milestone.”

Tom Smith, also a trustee of the Community Sports Foundation, praised the social club’s efforts, stating, “You’ve been raising money for the foundation since 2015. In that time, your player evenings, family fun days, and social events have brought fans young and old together as one.”

Norwich City legend Darren Eadie expressed the sentiment of unity, remarking, “You’ve built a special community, all united by a love of Norwich City.”

Ian Thornton OBE, Chief Executive Officer of the Community Sports Foundation, acknowledged the invaluable impact of the social club’s volunteers, saying, “The tireless work of the volunteers has helped us bring so much joy and support to so many children. Your fundraising has helped us deliver essential programs.”

Norwich City Head of Communications Daniel Houlker underlined the significance of the volunteers’ efforts, stating, “You’ve shown that football is so much more than a game, and what you guys do for this football club and community makes a real difference.”

Onel Hernández, Norwich City winger, emphasised the fans’ integral role in the “Canary family.” He praised their unwavering loyalty and commitment through both highs and lows.

The heartfelt gratitude continued as Jake Humphrey reiterated, “We really just want to say an honest and heartfelt thank you so much for reaching this incredible milestone. On behalf of everybody at the foundation. You are incredible people, and we are so, so grateful.”

Tom Smith extended his appreciation, saying, “To all of you at the Fans Social Club, thank you.”

Darren Eadie took a moment to congratulate the fans’ achievement, particularly singling out his friend Diane, stating, “Congratulations to the Norwich City Fans Social Club, but especially my good friend, Diane.”

The appreciation extended beyond the club itself, as Jacob Bowles from On The Stall City added his voice, saying, “Thank you, Norwich City Fans Social Club.”

Chris Brown from social club partner Fosters Solicitors recognised the volunteers’ hard work and the fans’ unwavering support, stating, “Thank you to all of your volunteers for their hard work, and of course to the fans who back the club so well.”

Emma Fletcher, Senior Fundraising & Events Manager at the Community Sports Foundation, summed it up, “Well done, guys! What a fantastic achievement, £50,000. Thank you so much for everything that you do for us.”

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