Players Forum – Monday 14th December

It was a great evening hosted by the amazing Darren Eadie from his botanical dining room.

Discussions started seasonally with questions around Christmas and the impact being away from families has on footballers.

The Christmas theme continued when Kenny suggested he’d get one of his daughters toys for Max if he’d have received him in secret Santa, with Max retorting that he’d get Kenny a Lynx set!

There were some wonderful insights into the life of an academy player and how that’s changed over the years, where the big revelations were that Russell Martin was very generous, but Ben Godfrey, not quite so much.

It was great to hear from Kenny around how it was to be involved with the Scotland team and qualify for the Euro’s in the summer, even if it did cost him his planned wedding day!

Equally it was fascinating to hear how Max took some time out whilst at Luton to train one on one with a football coach. A brave move, which has clearly paid off.

Both players said that whilst the COVID period has been tough, that’s it has made them appreciate us, the fans, more than ever and they can’t wait to have us all back, the feeling is mutual lads!

It was striking how confident both players were that, despite acknowledging how difficult it will be, we would return to the premier league and that we’d be much better equipped to deal with it this time round.

We’d like to thank everybody for attending and between the forum and the subsequent auction of Max’s signed boots, you fantastic fans have raised £830 for the Community Sports Foundation.

Here are a list of the raffle winners:

Ground Tour for FourAnna Say
Farke ScarfBarbara Long
BearAlistair Steward
Signed NCFC Pennant 2020/21Mick Dennis
Signed Darren Huckerby bookAnita Byrne
1 x Stationary SetIan Mitton

And for those interested, here are a list of some of the questions:

  • How have pre match preparations been affected by the Pandemic and what are your individual pre match rituals?
  • For Max, what influence did your parents have on your choice of career and how involved will they be now in the decisions you make going forward?
  • If you pulled each other out of the hat for Secret Santa what you would purchase?
  • What do you like to do for relaxation away from football?
  • Max from 12 yr old Lucy – you gave me my best ever football memory when you placed your shirt in my hands when we won promotion v Blackburn. I will never forget that day as long as I live. It was so generous in a massive moment for you.
  • What keeps you both humble like this, and what is your favourite football memory?
  • What is the best moment you have had so far being at Norwich city? And why?
  • What lesson have you learned from last season that could make the biggest difference to staying in the Premier League next season should we get promoted?
  • What has been your favourite memory in a city shirt so far?
  • What was it that really glued the team together during that title winning season? And when did you truly believe we were going to get promoted? 
  • What would you buy each other in secret Santa?
  • What happens to the players fines that are collected through the season?
  • What would you have done if you hadn’t have gone into football
  • What do you think of each other as players?
  • How do you feel when you have to be away from your families at Xmas?
  • Tell us about your academy experience – did you clean boots?
  • What does playing for your country mean to you ?
  • How do empty stadiums affect the players and what does it mean to have 2000 fans back, did they help you over the line in the last game?
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