Pundits Night – 10th January 2017

Life from the Other Side

What goes on in the dressing room, stays in the dressing room…..unless you were at this week’s Pundits Evening held at Carrow Road.

The evening was another one organised by us volunteers at our Social Club but it was a little bit different as it featured some of our best known and loved local football summarisers.

Iwan Roberts, now plying his punditry with BBC Wales among others, Radio Norfolk’s voice of Canary Call Rob Butler and Pink ‘Un/Mustard TV maestro Michael Bailey joined regular Social Club host, Canary legend and pundit in his own right, Darren Eadie in a night of many laughs about life in front of the microphone.

Matters discussed in an informal chat between the four front men and a question and answer session from the audience included how they got into punditry, the superior quality of catering of Premiership press boxes, how hard it is to type a report for the Pink ‘Un whilst simultaneously trying to watch the rest of the game and calling it wrong when there’s no slow-mo replay to show who actually stuck it in the net.

The impact of social media and how relationships have changed between club, professional media and fans down the years was also discussed.

All four had many insights and funny stories to tell about who and what they like and don’t like about the job. Dealing with managers came up as a question from the audience and provided one of the most alarming, if slightly off-topic anecdotes of the night from one of our ex-players. Apparently a dressing down from a certain manager meant exactly that. After a poor team performance made him so furious he was unable to wait even to put his clothes on, he delivered the proverbial hairdryer speech to the whole dressing room while completely naked other than his socks and shoes….

And if that doesn’t put you off, look out for our next event – all as advertised on here, on twitter @NorwichCityFSC and on our facebook page

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did

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