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COVID-19 events update:

As you will all know, we’re now on the Government road map to come out of Lock Down, this unfortunately means we can’t bring you any events in person at the current time, but please keep an eye on our social media accounts for some fantastic online activities and events to keep us all going until we can meet again.

Here you can find out about us, the events that we organise for you the fans and all about our charity, the Community Sports Foundation (CSF) for whom we raise funds.

We aim to organise a minimum of 6 events throughout the season, you can see details & pictures from previous events here.

Our club is run by a team of volunteers & has the full support of our football club.

Unlike like a traditional social club, we do not have a membership or joining fees, we’re open to all, everyone is welcome. As our motto says, “You don’t join, you just join in”!

If you have any ideas for events or any feedback as to how we can improve our website, then please Contact Us, we would love to hear from you.

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  • Goodbye Ben!

    Goodbye Ben!

    We had a special guest at the end of our NCFSC meeting tonight. It was great to have the opportunity to say thank you...Read More »
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