Media Night – 16th November 2017

Summary of our Media Night

Four insightful guests, comedic anecdotes and lots of money raised for an excellent charity. The Norwich City Fans Social Club hosted a Media Night on the 16th November, whereby four media figures, connected through their admiration for Norwich City, joined forces to lift the lid on how to make it in the media industry.

The panel consisted of Radio Norfolk’s Chris Goreham; The Sun’s football editor, Charlie Wyett; Director of Communications at Norwich City, Joe Ferrari; and ex-Fleet Street journalist, Mick Dennis; while friend of the Social Club, Darren Eadie, chaperoned the evening superbly.

Amongst the stories and questions, a special event during the interval, as local journalist Michael Bailey was victim to the shave as his beard finally departed his face, raising north of £500 in the process.

Michael even received offers of £100 for his hair to become a victim to the same fate as his beard by Managing Director Steve Stone, yet the audience agreed this was a step too much; but fantastically, Steve continued to donate the £100.

This event underlined how communal and transparent our club is. Two senior figures that stayed until the end of the evening, and in doing so they never rejected a handshake nor were they short in conversation, this just amplifies this ever-growing feeling of positivity embracing the club at present.

Issues such as the future of print journalism, the rapid decline in newspaper sales and footballers being paid for ghosted columns were raised. Chris Goreham provided the audience with wit but insight surrounding his work on a match day, Canary Call and his journey to become the voice of Norwich City.

Mick Dennis and Charlie Wyett discussed all things newspapers, print journalism and unhelpful interviewees whilst Joe Ferrari discussed crossing the great divide from local journalism to the complications of working inside a football club, something which he has thrived upon.

The four responded to questions honestly, treating each story, question and person with kindness and honesty whilst advising young journalists what the future might hold for them.

Darren Eadie was a fine footballer and is an example of somebody who has switched from brilliance on the pitch to professionalism and coolness behind the microphone. It does make you wonder if Darren could adopt a role similar to Gary Lineker, potentially on TV or Radio, and it appears to be a natural progression. He is someone we are pleased to call a dear friend.

The curtains closed, the microphones were put down and the charity shavings complete. Another NCFSC event complete and yet more money made for CSF. We are looking forward to the next one and hope to see you all there!

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